Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Omnipresent and Omniscient

The eternal God, maker of the mind, our blessed savior
The richness of the ages is His to savor
The tree of life and eternal I am are his favor
When debts are owed He is on His best behavior

The master of the universe, the divine potentate
The chief of staff and the head of state
God Almighty all by himself, need I elaborate
Because God is, we all have something to celebrate

By God’s will all things exist to excite and please?
By His divine power He created all things with ease
His Son is the Lord to whom we’ll bow on our knees
By His will the mountains have snowcaps and trees have leaves

The perfect will of God is the light of all reason
His perfect plan for mankind is to know Him and please Him
He is God all the time and is master of every season
When the Lord returns we will all come face to face with the Son

The earth will come to know its place and why it was made
The long dead shall awaken and rise from their graves
The Lord God Almighty shall return His sheep to save
Then one mind shall learn from God and come to know His ways

Thomas C. Watson